Renewables for Development - RforD-
Renewable Energy for Developing Countries



Who we are.. What we do.. What we want..

RforD is a Social Enterprise for Commercialisation
of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries.


Creation of Renewable Energy Enterprises for:

Poverty alleviation in rural areas of developing countries by establishing local income generating mechanisms
Climate change mitigation by production of clean energy on a large scale
Sustainable social, ecological and economic development catalysed by locally produced and commercialised clean energy


Brokering Public-Private Partnerships:

RforD prepares and manages commercially viable projects in developing countries
RforD joins all stakeholders to build partnerships at grassroots, national and international levels
RforD orchestrates existing human, physical and financing resources in the field of renewable energy and rural development
RforD projects are executed under local ownership in public-private-partnerships

Diversifying Project Financing:

RforD projects are separated in a commercial and a non-commercial part: project preparation is covered by grants, while project execution is financed by commercial loans
New and traditional financing resources are tapped (CDM, GEF, microcredit, etc..)
Large financing institutions can get involved as single projects are bundled together to achieve a larger investment volume

Multiplying Replicable RE Enterprise Projects:

RforD 's innovative approach enables project replication on a large scale
Multiplying projects drives down costs and increases development and climate change benefits

Sustainable Development in RforD's Program:

Commercially viable local business creation
Global level: GHG emissions reduction
Energy services as key to rural development
Bundling of single projects to achieve economies of scale
Country level: long-term strategy for sustainable use of natural resources
Income generation for the poor through local project ownership
Separation of non-commercial & commercial funds during the whole project life-cycle
Local level: improvement of micro-environment: halt to deforestation & pollution
Empowerment of rural poor for full participation in their own development

RforD brochure available for download as pdf.file

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