Renewables for Development -RforD-
Renewable Energy for Developing Countries





RforD Project and Decision Making Organisation Diagrams

RforD is a project centred global initiative for “commercialising renewable energy for development” and as such heavily relying on partners on all levels in the fields of financing, renewable energy, development and climate change/environment.

RforD sees itself as a project facilitator bringing together all existing stakeholders, efforts and resources and performing the overall management and intermediary function that is missing so far.

  • RforD builds partnerships for sustainable development all around the world and on all levels.
  • Partners are mostly member-based organisations in project target countries.
  • RforD and its respective regional partners jointly set up working units (Focal Points).
  • These Focal Points prepare and manage the implementation of RE field projects.
  • RforD and partners get feedback and input from the project implementation level.

RforD’s Project Organigram


RforD’s Decision Making Organigram


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/ Income Generation/ All Stakeholders Approach/