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Do you want to get involved with Renewables for Development and RforD projects?
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What we can do for you

You are...

An investor: a sustainable - green - social - development fund
RforD is an intermediary organisation focusing on project identification and preparation up to the stage of business plan development. If you are looking for commercial investment in sustainable development projects, we deliver you the projects for your portfolio.

An investor: a carbon fund looking for CDM projects
RforD integrates new financing instruments in project financing in order to enlarge the financing base.
It might be hard to find the correct RE projects for CDM, as partners in developing countries are often not yet prepared for the new Kyoto mechanisms.
RforD provides you the projects of size and type that you are searching for.

A foundation with ethical, social or environmental funding priorities
RforD development projects have excellent development benefits respecting and improving the social and geographical environment. Women and children are usually above-average beneficiaries of clean and reliable energy services, as their health and education directly depend on electricity.
RforD offers you funding options in projects that are designed to have extra long life-cycles and to catalyze development though income generation for the rural poor.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about project outcomes on grassroots level.

A company willing to sponsor a valuable climate change & poverty alleviation project
You want to build your reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible enterprise and look for the adequate project. RforD gives you the opportunity to become extremely visible by sponsoring RforD Focal Points: Focal Points prepare and multiply projects in developing countries. You get involved in multiple projects by supporting only one single structure - and RforD will give you public credit for that.

A RET industry company looking for new export markets
RforD generates projects, builds rural enterprises: we boast demand for RET equipment, such as small hydropower and wind turbines, biogas digesters, PV cells, pipes, controllers, grid ties, etc...
Developing country's markets are difficult to penetrate for individual entrepreneurs. RforD as a broker brings together projects and RET industry. For you, this approach saves nerves, time and money.
Don't hesitate to discuss cooperation possibilities with us!

A development - environment - RE - NGO
Whether your scope of activity is in industrialised or in developing countries does not matter. If you are keen to enlarge your cooperation base in fields of development, environment and RE, you are welcome to enter into contact with us. As a "Western" NGO, cooperation possibilities exist in lobbying, strategic alliances, policy advice, contact brokering. As NGO from developing countries, you might want to become one of our local partners in change of connecting RforD to grassroots people, getting things with authorities going and representing the RforD model, while RforD can be your intermediary to technology suppliers, financing and project management from the outside.

A social entrepreneur originating from a developing country
You want to kick off a sustainable development process in your area by getting directly involved in business creation with social responsibility? RforD informs you about the advantages of setting of RE businesses and related cost, risk and feasibility. However, RforD never helps preparing single projects, as our philosophy consist in bundling individual projects together in order to drive down cost. If you want to get involved, please contact us.

A public authority or institution searching for development solutions
RforD empower ready and motivated people in developing countries for large scale RE programs. We are in charge of all international connections you need to professionally carry out large rural electrification in a participatory approach. The RforD model is designed to integrate national or regional development programs in cooperation with national authorities.

A highly motivated individual looking for a meaningful job
RforD recruits for its headquarters as well for Focal Points independent women and men of all age willing to live and work abroad in multicultural teams over longer periods of time. RforD offers professionals no top salaries, but therefore the satisfaction of using their skills for a cause they can embrace.

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