Renewables for Development -RforD-
Renewable energy for Developing Countries



For the moment you can find RforD at two locations:
(The next RforD focal point is to be created in the Philippines.)

RforD Europe

The European office is RforD's linkage to the European Union and the individual European countries with their political, industrial and financial actors.
Located in the heart of the EU in Brussels, RforD Europe builds and maintains contacts on all levels to organise support for RforD's programs in developing countries. RforD Europe closely cooperates with the European RET industry and accesses European public and private, commercial and non-commercial funding sources for projects.

The anchorage in Europe guarantees professional management, responsible use of funds, traceability of financial flows and the implementation of EU policy priorities.



RforD Europe
Social Enterprise a.s.b.l. Luxembourg

Tel:++32 486 695 379
Contact: Ms Katharina Krell



RforD China

Recognising the importance of China for the development of the world climate, RforD built up its first operational regional base in China.

RforD China works closely together with its Chinese partners for RforD program implementation in the People's Republic of China. Having a trustworthy Chinese parter is a main ingredient to successful project preparation and implementation.



RforD China

Tel: ++49 29 28 335
Tel: ++49 29 28 391
Fax: ++49 29 28 457
Contact: Mr Hubert Zimmer

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