Renewables for Development - RforD -
Renewable Energy for Developing Countries


RE Commercialisation Program

Link the newly built sites to a market in order to commercialise the energy sale for amortization.

The 2nd component of RforD consists of organizing the connection of the new power stations to a local/ national grid, negotiating the price for clean energy supplied to the grid, supervising loan payback and regular maintenance, and after all in motivating power station owners to reinvest power sale profits in local infrastructure. When local capacity to pay for energy is not sufficient electricity end-use options are promoted and the surplus is sold at a fair price.

In the case of off-grid areas, local mini-grids are established providing electricity to rural villages surrounding the production site.

By commercialising RE sales, we aim at making the whole process of electrification of poor rural areas with clean energy financially sustainable. RE development on large scale is only possible if it is not dependent on development aid per se. However, grants are needed at the beginning to kick off the process.